*not responsible for any damages, take this information at your own risk
*CRT TVs contain high voltages so be careful and lookup how to discharge the TV first

What you will need:

Some References:

Monitor tube yoke ohm list:

  • G07 – H: 2.2ohms V: 52.8ohms CR-23
  • K4900 – H: 2.8ohms V: 37.2ohms CR-23
  • K4600 – H: 2.8ohms V: 8.4ohms CR-23
  • 20EZ – H: 2.2ohms V: 28.1ohms CR-23
  • K7000 – H: 3.4ohms V: 15ohms (max) CR-31
  • KT2914F – H: .6ohms V: 3.7ohms

My experience:

So far tube swaps have not been too bad

Basically do the H (horizontal-Red/Blue) and the V (vertical-Green/Yellow) readings on the old monitor

Then do the H and V readings on the donor monitor

If they are close then it should be a drop in replacement

I have NOT done a yoke swap yet but in the future I will try it