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Polycom Phones with TFTP Server

This is my experience setting up a Polycom VVX 250 to provision to a TFTP server. Install Debian 11 then run the following command: sudo apt install tftpd-hpa Next I modified the config file located here: sudo nano...

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FTP Bash Script Automated by CronTab

I actually had a lot of trouble with this but in the end this finally worked: #!/bin/bash declare HOST=’ 50015′ declare USER=admin declare PASSWORD=MyPassword123 ftp -nvp $HOST <<EOF ascii user...

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Adding a Second Root User to CPanel WHM

I needed to add a second root account to gain access to adding sites and making admin changes SSH to the server and run the following commands: useradd secondrootuser passwd secondrootuser usermod -aG wheel secondrootuser echo...

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