The two right side burners on my GE Profile Stove stopped working. When powered on they would not heat up and when you removed the pan it would not turn off.

Locations outlined here:

The serial number for this stove is located at the bottom left corner when opening the drawer

The issue turned out to be a motherboard issue so here is how to get to the board
In the front underneath the cook top are two screws

Remove those screws at the top will lift up on a hinge

From the back you will want to remove all of the connections to the motherboards

Then remove the red, black, and green cables

Lift up the cook top in the back to clear the hinges in the back and pull toward you

Remove the 8 screws from the bottom of the cook top

I did not get a picture of the next step 🙁

There are several screws to remove and cables that connect the burner to the motherboard it should be obvious

On my stove at this location a fuse was burnt (test for continuity with a meter)
It needs a 250v 20A Ceramic Fuse (Found one at Ace Hardware same as a microwave fuse)

The other issue is I noticed this capacitor was swollen
It is a 10uf 450V

It blew for a reason meaning likely another component is bad as well.
I replaced the capacitor and the stove partially worked. As in it would only heat to about half temperature and made very loud popping noises.
I opened it back up and noticed the capacitor was blown again so that confirmed the motherboard was bad.
Bought a replacement motherboard on Ebay and it works very well now!!

Hope this helps someone and I hope to troubleshoot this MB someday to find the bad part. I will still have it so email me if you have questions.