I was cloning a hard drive and got the following error:

I knew I did not need the GPT partition so I did the following to delete the GPT partition table:

Boot the Clonezilla program and select Shell

I ran the following command to locate my hard drive:

sudo fdisk -l

I can see that my disk is /dev/sda so I then ran this command to start the program:

sudo gdisk /dev/sda

This will then come back with a partition table scan similar to my pic example. I want to keep the MBR partition so type 1 to select option 1

I had to do that two before I got to the following screen for some reason. I then entered option x

The expert command to enter is z then press enter. Type y and press enter to wipe out GPT

NEXT YOU WANT ENTER N FOR NO!! We do NOT want to blank out the MBR because we want to keep it. Type n and press enter

The output should then look like so:

I then did the clone again. At first I had trouble but after I formatted my DESTINATION drive so it was unformatted and empty the clone was successful!!

The new clone drive had trouble booting though so I will make a post on what I did to fix the boot partition. Those instructions are here:


Reference: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/forums/threads/clonezilla-to-image-ssd-fails-with-mbr-gpt-mismatch.18545787/