Highview steps:

I used the command line version of the program called Handbrake
here is the code I used to cut a test Video

C:\Program Files\Handbrake>HandBrakeCLI.exe -i C:\downloads\test.mp4 -o “C:\downloads\test2.mp4″ –start-at frame:10 –stop-at frame:810 –preset=”High Profile” -O -b 750

To get the frame information open the video in VLC player

Click Tools>Media Information

Click the Statistics Tab

Under video section add the displayed and lost frames together to get the frame you ended on (may take trial and error)

In the above command if you want to use seconds instead change the word frame to duration

You can change the number 750 higher or lower based on what you want the quality to be

I then use the following website to convert to other formats needed: