Here is how I created the Domain:

  • Login to the admin interface of ovirt
  • Go to Storage>Domains
  • Click New Domain
  • Select ISO under data function
  • In export path put in the NFS location (example: then click ok

After this I think did this to upload an ISO into the domain:

  • On the ovirt machine run the command:
    • ovirt-iso-uploader list
      • The domain you created earlier should show up in the result
  • Then I plugged in a usb drive with the ISO I wanted to upload into the machine
  • cd to the location of the usb drive with the ISO in terminal
  • I then ran this command to start the upload
    • ovirt-iso-uploader -i <name of your domain goes here> upload <name of the file goes here>
      • Example: ovirt-iso-uploader -i ISOs upload Ubuntu_18.iso
  • Once complete go to Storage>Domains in the admin console
  • Click the name of your ISO domain and select Images and it should show up there