This walk through will show you how to set a certain label to a task in planner depending on how a question was answered in Microsoft Forms

This example with have a question called project value with the following options:

  • <$10k
  • $10k – $25k
  • $25k – $50k
  • >$50k

First think I need to do is decide what color options I want to use

In planner I think there are 25 colors to choose from so I will write down this list for reference later:

  • Silver – $10k – $25k
  • Brown – <$10k
  • Cranberry – $25k – $50k
  • Dark Gray – >$50k

First I created the following steps:

Next I need to create a switch action

The switch was too long to capture but basically you use the dynamic content of the question (project value) then create a case for each answer

The last step is creating a task action and selecting the variable related to the colors