The virtual machines downloaded from seem to be LVM partitions which I am unfamiliar with.  When using Gparted expanding the turnkey partition did nothing in the OS.  Prior to this you do need to did edit the VM to expad it to 2TBs which is not covered here.  After that I had to do the following to expand the LVM:

  • I used Hiren’s boot CD to boot Gparted and created a second partition in ext3 format for 1.7TB (I picked this size because there may be a limitation of 2TB so this size plus the current partition was right under.  Need to test this but I wanted to be safe since the data on this drive I wanted to keep)
  • Once that was done I rebooted and ran the following command:
    • fdisk -l
  • This showed me the new 1.7TB partition and the name of the LVM which is /dev/mapper/turnkey-root (shorname: turnkey)
  • Next I initialed the disk with the following command:
    • pvcreate /dev/sda2
  • To add this volume to the LVM group I did the following:
    • vgs (this gave me the LVM name turnkey)
    • vgextend turnkey /dev/sda2
  • I then typed:
    • vgdisplay (so I could see if the freespace shows up which it did)
  • Next to extend the logical volume by the free space I ran the following command:
    • lvextend -L+1.7T /dev/mapper/turnkey-root (If your amount is in GBs then do +20G /dev/mapper/turnkey-root for example)
  • Now we can finally expand the volume like so:
    • resize2fs /dev/mapper/turnkey-root
  • Once all of that is done I ran the following command to verify the space showed correctly:
    • df -h