Steering Wheel Glitch

I had an odd issue where on one of these when you started the game with the gas pedal the steering would stop working. If I unplugged the usb cable for the steering and plugged it back in it would start working again. Once the race was over if I started a game with the start button everything would work again. My other NFS GT cabinet did not have the issue and it turned out to be the USB card. I was plugging the USB cabled directly into the computer because I did not have a spare. This is what I ordered and the problem went away:

Leader light always on

For some reason on one of the machines the leader light was always on so I swapped a known working I/O card and the problem went away. Likely there is a short on the surface mount chip that controls that function however I have not had time to identify where that may be.

I bought two of these machines so this will be a running tally for both

Game Cost: $20

  • Computers, I/O PCBs, Sound Amp Board, FFB PCB, Security Dongles, Graphics Cards, Ram, HDD, RAM, and USB Cards: $365
  • System Recovery and Game Disks: $75
  • Nvidia 6200 AGP Graphics Card: $18
  • ATX Power Supply X2: $10
  • PCI Sound card: $14 (Bought the wrong thing :-()
  • USB Sound card: $15 (DOA waited too long to return :-()
  • Abort button with light: $11
  • GeForce 6200A AGP Video Card: $30
  • Locks: $25
  • SATA to IDE Adapter: $7
  • LED Light: $9
  • Bolts and wood: $50
  • Bought another computer: $140

Total: $789

  • Why is the leader light on one machine always on? (not a huge problem)
  • Collect money on location!

CPU: Pentium 4 2.40Ghz
Motherboard One: DFI PS35-BL Socket 478
Motherboard Two: Intel D865GLC Socket 478
AGP Video Card Machine One: GeForce 6200
AGP Video Card Machine Two: GeForce6200A
OS: XP Embedded
Machine One Hard Drive: I used a SSD hard drive but there was a computer glitch were the machine ALWAYS had $1 as the credits. Put the old IDE hard drive in and problem was not on that drive.
Machine Two Hard Drive: SATA SSD 128GB (IDE-SATA adapter required at first to load xp then you can use the SATA on board)
Optical Drive: IDE DVD drive
System Restore Discs: Part# 050-0032-01
Game Restore Discs: Part# 050-0031-01

Alternate Hardware Possibilities (untested by me however mentioned by a GlobalVR tech)

Motherboard: 865 chipset and AC97 audio
AGP Video Cards: TI-4200-128, GEFORCE 5700,  ASUS 6600 or 7600GS
PCI-E Video Cards: 7600GS, 9800GT, 450GTX

Picked up a couple for super cheap thought I would share some pics of inside.