I wanted to make a flow that when a task was created the bucket name was appended to the end of the task name

First create a new Automated Cloud Flow and use the trigger called When a new task is created

Next create an action called Send an HTTP request (Office 365 Groups type)

  • URI – https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/planner/buckets/{bucket-id}
  • Method – GET
  • Body – I left it blank
  • Content-Type – application/json

Click Test in the upper right corner so the flow will run then copy everything from the body output

Next add an action called Parse JSON

  • Content – The Body dynamic content of Send an HTTP request
    • @{body(‘Send_an_HTTP_request’)}
  • Schema – Click Generate from sample and paste what you copied earlier and click done

Add a new action called Update a task

  • Task ID – Is the Dynamic content of When a task is created trigger
    • @triggerOutputs()?[‘body/id’]
  • Title – Is the Title Dynamic Content from the trigger and the name value from the Parse JSON action
    • @{triggerOutputs()?[‘body/title’]} @{body(‘Parse_JSON’)?[‘name’]}

Now when I create a task the bucket name is appended to the task name

For example I have a bucket called AK, Fairbanks [22111601]

I create a task called Something is due

after a minute or so the name gets appended to the end like so