Here is an example of a long if expression:

if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 01), 'January', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 02), 'February', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 03), 'March', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 04), 'April', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 05), 'May', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 06), 'June', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 07), 'July', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 08), 'August', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 09), 'September', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 10), 'October', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 11), 'November', if(equals(variables('SaleMonth'), 12), 'December', 'none' ))))))))))))

I don’t know the limit but basically you can go on for a while with these expressions

The above example I use in Power Automate to populate a month column with the long name of the month if the variable SalesMonth equals the month number