Sometimes I find OneDrive actions in power automate to not work at all or take a long time to trigger. I have better luck using SharePoint actions for OneDrive and this post will explain how to do that.

First go to your OneDrive and I will explain the URL you will need to use in a SharePoint action

In my example the domain is user is
I will only need to copy this

Next I will create an automated flow with the trigger When a file is created (properties only)
(With this trigger I can specify a folder in OneDrive that when ANY file is created in the folder this flow will trigger)

Site Address: Enter the URL you copied from above (To type it in you may have to scroll to the bottom of the list and click Enter custom value)
Library Name: Documents (This is what you will enter. You don’t need to change it to anything else)
Folder: You can enter the folder specifically here or browse to it by clicking the folder icon

You can do this trick with any SharePoint action I think however I have not tested them all.