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Once I found out I needed to buy the system restore discs as well this process was pretty simple however there were some extra steps since I replaced some parts with non original parts.

The SATA connections did not work for the restore so I bought a SATA to IDE adapter so I could install a 120GB SSD

(Update 11-11-20) The above part sucked and the read speeds were so slow the game was choppy. After the restore I was able to simple plug a SATA cable in directly to the board and it works.

Driver Issues

Drivers located here on the Drivers Tab:

After installing Video Card drivers I needed to hook up a computer monitor because the resolution was out of range.

Once pc  monitor was connected I changed resolution to 800×600 and selected 60hz then plugged the arcade monitors back

On one cabinet the AC97 drivers included with the restore CD would not work. I installed the ones provided on this site and the sound card started working.

When installing it complained about not finding a couple of files
drmk (located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers)
wdmaud.dr (located in C:\Windows\System32)

Then go to Control panel and open the settings for the sound card (can’t remember the name sorry. 3d sound or something?).

Select 6 channels and I think I clicked the hammer to find the below setting but if not it may be near the bottom left. It has to do with the pink port.

I had to do this because the base was coming out of the center channel and the center channel was coming out of the sub speaker.


Needed a light for the coin door. Bought from AutoZone.