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This washer keeps giving an error that it can’t drain and to check the filter. Here are the steps I have tried:

I looked at the pump and it visible looks to be in good shape so I figured I would try replacing the relay like suggested in the above forum first.

I have ordered the part from eBay here
Here is an amazon link if the above link does not work

Once that part comes in I will be documenting the process and add some pictures. If the same thing happens then maybe I will try a pump or chuck it. Hope some of the links are useful for you.

The part is not here yet but I figured I may as well get the board ready for the new part.

  • In the back there are two screws at the top. Once Unscrewed the top slides back and then off. View the second pic below for all the screw locations.
  • The back right corner is where the motherboard is and there is a plastic casing over it held on by clips. Free those clips to see the motherboard.
  • My motherboard model says DC41-00072B. Also there is a sticker that says 20080808 G 0307 and underneath it says 00133A-4C56.

  • Disconnect all the cables and there are two screws holding the motherboard in place on the back. Once those are removed the whole case slides to the left and out.
  • Here are all the screw locations

  • The relay we want to focus on is the one that says RY7 and on the board it will also say D-Motor-Dry

  • Now the fun part as you can see the entire board is covered in epoxy. Turn it over and we will be cutting a hole in this location:

  • The good news is that under this plastic shell they put epoxy on that side too so just go slow and when you see something besides plastic stop cutting in that spot.
  • I used a dremel with a cutting wheel

  • I marked out where I was going to cut

  • Here is what it looked like when done cutting. Go slow and when you break through the plastic move on with your cut.
  • For easier access I cut the wire clip off as well

  • Next I took a flat head screw driver and slowly pried up the cut out piece. It is ok to dig it in there a little there is epoxy on the other side and you will see.
  • Now we will be focusing on this area:

  • I used a flat head screw driver mostly and sometimes a Phillips head screw driver when getting close to the components. Gently scrap the epoxy off and I used tweezers to collect excess chunks. Go slow and you will be fine, it was not too bad to remove. I then used Rubbing Alcohol and a Q-Tip to remove the small debris that was left.
  • I accidentally did the wrong relay underneath first so luckily I ordered two! The outlined box below is the correct location with the relay already removed:

  • Basically you need to de-solder those points and I pried up the relay from the other side slowly and carefully as it is surrounded by epoxy. Luckily I have a de-solder gun which makes the job much easier. I purchased it from eBay for around $100 which if this is the only project you need it for it may not be worth buying it. If you don’t have one you will have to use a wick.

  • The hard part is now done and I am waiting on the relays to install them back in. Simply put them in the spot and solder the pins.

Update 12/27/2021: After the relay replacement this is still working 6 months later now. Hope this helps someone and good luck!!

Pump Part Reference Pics in case I need to replace the pump: