DIP SW B settings were different on my model. When I find my notes I will update it here.

Outrun Upright Manual


Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 1986
Monitor: K7000 (CR-31)
Yolk Horizontal(Red/Blue): 2.7
Yolk Vertical(Green/Yellow): 8.3


Game: $200

  • Springs – $12
  • Screws – $11
  • Steering Gears – $80
  • UPA2003C IC – $7
  • SSD feedback relay – $20

Total: $330


Several repairs were done before this website so here is a brief description of what was done:

No Force Feedback

The first time I had this problem was related to the SSD relay. The original looks like this:

It was replaced with a comparable part and is this blue one now:

the SECOND time I had an issue with the force feedback not working was due to the breaker being tripped which should be located in the front door

Check that first because I replaced a bunch of unneeded stuff and it turned out to be the breaker.

I need to get a cabinet pic of this