When installing untangle on a Zotac CI325 I received the error “Failed to Install Grub”. I made the following changes in the BIOS and it installed correctly on the SSD:

Set the Boot Mode to Legacy Only
Windows Boot Manager should NOT be option #1

Turns out I still had the error after these changes. When I got to that error in the install I removed the USB stick and selected Install Grub Boot Loader and it installed to the correct drive this time. It was trying to install to /dev/sda which was the USB stick instead of /dev/sdc which is my SSD.

Trying that still did not work unfortunately. Next I put in a regular 500GB HDD instead of the 80GB SSD and the install worked just fine.

I have 5 other Zotac boxes with SSDs and they work fine so may be something with this model since it is the only Intel brand I have. All the others are Kingston or SanDisk. This drive that did not work is model number SSDSA2M080G2GN. Ordered a Samsung 128GB SSD to see if it will work.

Got the Samsung SSD today and the install worked with no problems. Model number MZ-7PD1200.