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Migrate MeshCentral

This method does not require any changes on all the clients. Task: Move MeshCentral physical server with windows to virtual server with Debian I spoofed the mac address in the virtual machine settings and disconnected the...

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Run a Command after Boot on Debian

I wanted MeshCentral to start on reboot so I put the command before exit 0 in this file: nano /etc/rc.local node /root/meshcentral/node_modules/meshcentral/meshcentral –cert Put Name Here Reference:...

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Mesh Central 2

This is a nice self hosted and secure way to manage computers: http://info.meshcentral.com/downloads/MeshCentral2/MeshCentral2UserGuide-0.2.2.pdf https://www.meshcommander.com/meshcentral2...

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