I plan to make a video on this someday…

Things you will need:

  • USB Flash Drive 4GB or larger (can probably get away with a 2GB)
  • Replacement Hard Drive (or the one already inside)
  • Computer to download and load the file onto the USB

Replace the HDD

Prepare the USB Flash Drive

  • Click This PC and then right click your USB Flash Drive and click Format

  • Be sure FAT32 is selected and Quick Format is checked then click Start

  • Once that is done Create a folder called PS4 and another folder inside called UPDATE

  • Put the PS4UPDATE.PUP file you download above into the UPDATE folder

Install the update

  • Turn the Playstation off
  • Insert the USB Flash Drive
  • Press and HOLD the power button until you hear two quick beeps then release
  • From the menu select
    • Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)
  • Then select
    • Update from USB Storage Device > OK