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Area 51

Manual Area51 Info Manufacturer: AtariYear: 1995Monitor: K7000 Costs Game: $250 Wood for back: $1 Total: $251 Pics coming...

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Terminator 2 Judgement Day

Manual T2_Judgement_Day_Manual Info Manufacturer: MidwayYear: 1991 Costs Game: $284 Nothing yet Total: $284 Bought this with a group of games. Has some corrupt memory...

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Street Fighter 2

Manual Street Fighter II Champion Edition Instruction Manual Info Manufacturer: CapcomYear: 1991 Costs Game: $175 CGA to VGA Adapter: $18 LCD Conversion kit: $21...

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Police Trainer

Manual Police Trainer Manual Info Manufacturer: P&P marketingYear: 1997 Costs Game: $100 Happ Universal Optical Light Gun Board Type I: $56 74F32D Chip: $9 Marquee:...

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Operation Wolf

Manual Operation Wolf Operating Manual Info Manufacturer: TaitoYear: 1987 Costs Game: $175 No Purchases Total: $175 Bought this in a group of games. Rats were living in...

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Bad Dudes

Manual BadDudesManual Info Manufacturer: Data EastYear: 1988Monitor: LCD Conversion Costs Game: $175 Plexi Glass – $9 Light bulbs – $12 LCD Monitor –...

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Turbo Out Run

Manual DIP SW B settings were different on my model. When I find my notes I will update it here. Outrun Upright Manual Info Manufacturer: SegaYear: 1986Monitor: K7000 (CR-31)Yolk Horizontal(Red/Blue): 2.7Yolk...

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